10 Top Running Tips to train for a 10k

Have you booked in for the Norwich 10k in August?
Here are top tips from Ross Lenton to help you on your way....


1.    Breathing

The human body is amazing, and your aerobic energy system will keep supplying oxygen to your muscles. My top tip to my clients is to focus on exhaling – the more air you get out of your lungs, the more air you will get in.

2.    Running environment

There are so amazing places to run in Norfolk. If you're looking for somewhere flat then Marriott’s way is a fantastic and quiet place to run, and for somewhere beautiful in the City try Whitlingham Lake in Trowse. For hill efforts then Gas Hill is a serious challenge!

3.    Run with others

To help with commitment then get a friend to go out running with you, or join a running club. Dynamic Fitness is starting a new Running Club at Redwell Brewing on 2nd May, you can book a space here:

4.     Feet

Listen to your feet. Keep them light and don't land too heavy.  Whether you are a heel or a mid-foot striker make sure you land underneath a flexed knee so you are not over-striding.

5.    Knees

Lift your knees, especially on the hills to keep a good posture. This is harder when you get tired so that is great time to focus on your knee lift.

6.    Heels

Flick your heels towards your backside. This will to give you that extra power. You can especially see the benefits with this when running downhill; it really gets the hill doing the work for you!

7.    Arms

It’s almost impossible to move your arms at a different speed to your legs, so if you find your legs are slowing down then use your arms to maintain your cadence – when your legs are tired your arms can be your secret weapon!

8.    Core

Keep your core tight when you are running to maintain good posture. Planks are a great way to strengthen your core, which will also protect your lower back from the impact of the running miles.

9.    Forward Lean

Have a very slight forward lean forward (from the hip not the shoulders). This will really help keep your momentum going.

10. Smile

Remember that running is a gift.  Smile and enjoy it :)