Michael's Tough Mudder Training (wk 3 & 4)

Training for Tough Mudder, weeks 3-4.

If you missed week one and 2 you can check them out at:


Week 3 is a low intensity week, coming in after the heavier week two workouts and alongside weeks 3 & 4’s higher intensity endurance work; this keeps the pace from being too overwhelming early on. Week four picks up the intensity again and carries on the strength building buy increasing the amount of working sets.

Looking more specifically at exercise selection, I chose the front squat as one of primary moves for the lower body for a very important reason. Jumping power and carrying strength:



Take a look at the picture there and note the guys closest to us, now look at the leg position on a front squat:



If you are on the bottom of the stack, you’re not just going to be able to shoulder press your buddy up. You’ll need some leg power to hold up the weight and drive them upwards; a solid front squat position sets you up to be the ultimate springboard for your teammates. Coupled with some jumping power to get you up there as well and you are you’ve got it made. Then it’s your buddies turn to be the spring board on the next wall so your legs can recover a bit

Endurance wise, we drop down a circuit, but also lose a rest period. On top of that each exercise now lasts 7 minutes, but you only do 5 exercises a circuit instead of 6 (alternating an additional sprint or high row between circuits 1 & 2). This is to maintain the hour and a half training slot.

This is a big jump for endurance and no means an easy task, particularly with the lunges. But lunges are massively important in a tough Mudder set up as, unsurprisingly, you’ll wade through a lot of thick mud and the ability to fully drive your legs without burn out is massive.

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