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Lisa Alston

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Getting my life back

In the last 6 months, with Ross and Kyle’s support at Dynamic Fitness, I have lost 24 kg (3 stone 11lb), gone down 3 dress sizes (18 - 12) and greatly improved my mobility.

My training at Dynamic Fitness has been life-transforming for me in many ways. I’m stronger physically and emotionally with vastly improved mental resilience. I’m healthier, my blood pressure is normal, my waist measurement is normal and my BMI and body fat percentage are approaching normal. My core strength is vastly improved and my troublesome hip and back pain has disappeared. I can get my palms to the floor and run 5 km in just over 30 minutes, which is incredible considering I was barely walking in June 2018.

Most importantly though, my joy for life has returned and I’m looking forward to 2019 and new training goals with Ross and Kyle in the gym, running a 10K race and cycling 100 miles around Norfolk.


Jane Blackwell

I am stronger, fitter and faster and more confident than I have ever been in my life and my energy levels are fantastic!

I first met Ross in May 2012 after being inspired by a work colleague who had lost weight and changed body shape. In my early 50’s, a competitive swimmer all my life I was keen to move into triathlons but tipping the scales around 13 ½ stone I know running was going to be a challenge. I had previously tried personal trainers who tended to have their own agenda rather than listening to mine and I had spent my life dieting; never having achieved a body weight or shape that I was happy with.
At my first session I felt instantly at ease with Ross, and straight away it was all about me and what I wanted to get out of my sessions – my brief to Ross was to lose weight and improve my running speed. In your personal 9 week programme you set your own goals and your weekly progressive PT sessions work towards those goals. Ross is always keen to record weekly fitness activities and healthy eating goals and it’s good to get an email or text from him during the week to make sure you are sticking to those goals☺.

Nearly three years later I am a healthy 10 ½ stone, and have held that weight for nearly two years. My body shape has changed dramatically, I am stronger, fitter and faster and more confident than I have ever been in my life and my energy levels are fantastic! Last year I competed in the Outlaw Half in Nottingham which is a Half Ironman (1.2m swim, 56m bike and 13m run). I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing that sort of distance 2 years ago and I came second in my age group. 2014 was a great year for me as I also qualified for the European Triathlon Championships in Geneva this August which I am so excited about.

What make Dynamic different from any other gym is that you feel part of the Dynamic “family”. The trainers – Ross, Dale, Steve and Glen are all so friendly and encouraging and regular events are held during the year to bring clients together as well as an annual BBQ and Christmas get together. I still look forward to my PT sessions and call them my “weekly fix”.

I really can’t thank Ross enough …..Absolutely changed my life!

Paul Barrett

Thanks to Dynamic I have now achieved my 10 stone weight loss

Having been a member of most of the gyms in and around Norwich over the years, I was looking for something a bit different, something that wouldn’t be just another fad which I would give up after a couple of months. A couple of my friends where using Dynamic and recommend them to me. Right from my first session I was very impressed with the setup, I was assigned to Dale (who has the reputation of being the toughest personal trainer!) and started having a couple of session per week.
In order to keep me motivated at each session my progress was recorded giving me a target to beat at the next session, and every four weeks the contents of the session were changed to keep it all fresh and not complacent.
As well as helping my weight loss the sessions also helped to build my confidence, at first I was very nervous about exercising in public and also hated using treadmills. After a couple of month’s sessions I was happy to run on a treadmill and I completed the Southgate Lane Hill challenge.
Thanks to Dale and the rest of the boys I have now achieved my 10 stone weight loss, and I continue to have one personal training session a week and also attend some of the excellent lunchtime and evening classes that are available, and maybe next year I will have a go at the Dynamic 5k!

Mo Burton

Having been a fitness enthusiast for the past two decades, I can honestly say I have never experienced a better and more motivated fitness instructor than Ross.

He instinctively wants to raise the bar for every fitness enthusiast like me.

I have seen an incredible improvement in my fitness levels, without either punishment or pain through Ross.

Congatulations Ross, you are one in a million and a brilliant motivator!

Friendly guys that are great at their jobs! Well worth the money. Changed my life!!!
— Amy Lemmon
Friendly professional fitness training,
which motivates you to achieve your personal goals
— Chris Lambert

Dawn Bullock

I have to say that Steve has been brilliant. Very supportive, encouraging and has a great sense of humour which helps so much when you feel like giving up. His (almost annoying!) bouncy positivity has dragged me out of a crappy day more than once. I never thought I’d ever enjoy a gym session! I have a great weakness for rubbish food but I have everything much more under control and feel a million times better.

I’ve got a way to go yet (3 stone down…another 3 to go!). I never would have lasted in a traditional gym (even with a PT) or trying to do it alone.

Victoria Bacon

The lunchtime classes are perfect, particularly for anyone who is time poor – but wants to tone up (and the prices are reasonable too).

You get a great workout without getting too hot and bothered!

The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and most exercises can be adjusted to whatever level suits your ability.

Barbara Cunnington, age 74

“To start with I just wanted to improve my posture following a hip replacement. My body was twisted and my clothes didn’t sit right. After only a few weeks of personal training with Ross my posture dramically improved and I stand much straighter now. I am also noticing benefits to my body shape too, and I don’t even have the great big bulge in my tummy anymore. What is better than anything is that I feel great and I can move better!”

You can work at your own level at the classes, there is something for EVERYONE!
— Liz
Hardcore motivation! Brilliant Fun, but hard, sessions!!
— Darren

Deborah Hardy

“Ross is the most dedicated personal trainer I have ever met – and I can really say he has turned my life around both mentally and physically. His workouts are devised purely around my individual needs with an expert attention to detail. He is a motivating and caring trainer and endeavours to make his sessions both fun, challenging and also educational from the point of technique and diet.

Ross has a well equipped gym but he also encourages you to use small inexpensive pieces of equipment which can be used at home outside my training sessions to keep up the momentum between training sessions. After one year of training with Ross I have seen a consistent improvement in both my body shape, physical strength and stammer and importantly my mental attitude to every day has become much more positive, Ross has taught me to reduce my stress levels and direct this energy into something incredibly positive – I only wish I could book him for every day!”

Komal Sharma

Ross was recommended to me by a friend and I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Having spent most of my life being overweight, despite being extremely, sporty, I finally managed to lose 5 stone and unfortunately remained discontent with my body shape. I moved to Norwich 4 years ago and with my demaning job, I found little or no free time to pursue any hobbies or engage in sport. At the age of 40, I finally made the decision to concentrate on “me” and decided to work with a personal trainer. Ross was recommended to me by a friend and I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

After my first 6 weeks of personal training I manged to not only drop my Body Fat level considerably, but noticed a huge change in not only my body shape, but my fitness level, my energy levels and, my confidence! Ross is totally commited , passionate and dedicated to what he does best and has been an absolute inspiration to me. With his constant support ,encouragement and his ability to motivate,I feel better than I ever did at the age of 20! I cant thank him enough and would highly recommend him without a shadow of a doubt. I have finally achieved my goal of dropping my Body Fat level to below 18%, increasing my overall fitness level and strength but most importantly re-gain my love of sport and exercise.

Fay Gammer

Under Ross’s encouragement and expert advice I have found exercise combined with tips about diet the best anti ageing treatment there is! I have lost weight and kept it off, developed my fitness beyond my wildest expectations and feel really well. Plus it has all been fun – never a chore.