Beginners Cycle Ride 2019 (Photos)

Such a lovely group of people, and fantastic weather, for this beautiful cycle ride around Norwich

Summer Social 2019 (Photos)

What a great time we had this year at Redwell Brewing.

The Sports Day games were great fun too - thanks to everyone for getting involved!

Kyle's Lifestyle Blog




In 4 weeks I have lost a total of 5kg (10lbs) 

I have also lost 5% body fat, which is huge for 4 weeks . Results are incredible I look much leaner and I feel cleaner with foods and its surprising how adventurous you can be when changing foods, its not all boring as some may think. I still have a little way to go with my target weight but I'm getting there .

The one thing I have learnt more than anything on the lifestyle change is don't give up if it's not going your way, you are going to hit bumps along the way (weekends) but it's how hard you want to hit them. Allow yourself the odd treat or glass of wine just don't go silly or over the top with it.


Weight 85.8kg

Body fat 21% 


In my mind the hardest weeks have gone by ( 1st week ) and yes the weekends can be tricky too but you have to be sensible and stick within your limits. I was out last weekend and I was thinking oh boy all my work is coming undone now. Anyone that knows me knows I Love my food and I can put it away. Well except for now that is ! 

Over the course of 2 weeks my body has trained itself to eat smaller meals and knows when to say stop I'm full which really surprised me so I only had 1/4 of what is normally have ( which is good ) .

So I stayed within my limits whilst having a little weekend treat ( it doesn't hurt your goals , we are human ) but just don t over do it. 


Training : 

If been asked " you must be doing loads of cardio and not much weights, is that right ?" 

Well to be honest it's the complete opposite,  i've been just lifting weights as I enjoy it more than cardio. I train 4 times a week and work a body part a day.

Let's look at chest day as it's what most males like to train:

Warm up - 5mins cross trainer

Chest stretches

Chest press 4 sets of 8 reps (heavy)

Incline press 4 sets of 8 reps (heavy)

Flys 4 sets of 12

Pullovers 4 sets of 12 

Tricep dips 4 sets of max 

Push ups max 

Weighted sit ups 4 sets of 12

Russian twists 4 sets 12

Chest stretches


That's a chest day for me ! 

So yes lifting heavy also build Muscle but also helps weight loss and taps into your fat cells . So don't be afraid to lift heavy (ladies you won't go huge either) 

If you like cardio then I'd say HIIT intervals are always the best option for me to use especially with sprints or skipping for me. 


Things are going well and working nice and steady , How much can I lose before I go on holiday ? 

Don't be afraid to lift heavy with some exercises and mix them up and change the reps and sets to stop your body plateauing.  

Next week is the last week of the blog, but I might keep posting little bits to keep you in the loop and how things are going with the goals.




Weigh in : 86.5kg ( loss of 3.5kgs/ 6.6lbs)

Body fat: 23% ( loss of 2%) 

1st time of starting something new and working usually is where you lose the most weight as it shocks the body into a change so you must stick with it and trust your body in the tough times of the 1st week. 

2nd week I'm feeling on a bit of a high after the first got a bit of spring in my step and ready for the week ahead . Everything is on track . 

So a question I got asked to post about was what's your food like with portion sizes through the day ? 

(REMEMBER  this is for me so it'll be different for other and their goals) 

Breakfast : Banana and peanut butter toastie ( wholemeal bread , 2 bananas , whole earth peanut butter) 

LUNCH : (picture attached ) 80g wholegrain rice and 300g of chicken coated in herbs  (1 breast ) 

Snack : protein bar ( low sugar & higher protein than carb in the bar ( my protein are spot on ) 

DINNER : 40g rice and 1 chicken Breast ( smaller meal ) and any green salad if you wish . 

30 mins before bed : cassein shake (slow release protein that lasts 8 hours ) 

That's a typical day !! 


3.5 litres of water also !! 

If you crave coffee keep it black and no sugar !! 



feeling good heading into the week food is good challenging at times , but it does allow you to be adventurous. 

Next week what's my training programme (this may surprise most )



The photo below is from my holiday in Mexico this year, yes, I'm not the biggest person but for those who know me I'm bigger than what i should be, but it was for a reason.  



So here is week 1 of my Lifestyle Blog! 






On a scale of 1 -10 I was sitting around a 5 with the holiday blues knowing I needed to do something. Not expecting anything to really come of this apart from just eating cleaner and getting my vegetables in after high carbs and fatty foods for 2 weeks and alcohol. 



So between 5 and 7 meals a day was recommended but I decided to go with 5 just to take out any temptations I might of had.

Had a chat and filled out a questionaire on my current lifestyle with a couple of coaches abroad. 

My total calories I was allowed is 2,497 . 

All my meals are weighed out so that I didn't have to worry about macros ( let's be honest nobody like doing it after being at work for the day ) .



MY water in take is 3 -3.5 litres a day and when starting it felt like the hardest thing in the world to do in a while since competing,  just felt my body couldn't or didn't want to absorb the water and I was forever going to the toilet. 



Training sessions are 3-5 times a week working 1 body part a training session. E.g. Monday chest, back on Tuesday etc. Yes this does include cardio but no where as much as you would think as 95% of the sessions are about lifting heavy-ish and frequently with supporting sets. 



After the first 2 or 3 days it became much easier after weighing my foods out and keeping track of my water intake. 

After 1 week I can say I have successfully managed to lose 6.6lbs which I 3kg and I have also lost 3% body fat.  Feeling in a really good place mentally going forwards .

5 Essentials of Nutrition


Nutrition is a complex thing, but there’s some essentials that everyone needs to know and a lot of people mess up on a few of them. Here’s the Dynamic Fitness guide to some of the basics of nutrition.

1) Eat every two to four hours:

Recent research shows that eating at regular intervals stimulates metabolism, balances blood sugar and reduces the impulse to overeat when you do get to meals. It doesn’t have to be a full meal every time, just something to stimulate the metabolism.

For example, bad nutrition timing is eating at 8am for breakfast and then not eating anything until 2pm and then don’t eat again until nearly 8pm. With this timing your metabolism slows down during the gaps, causing you to cling onto calories as fat, and when you do it spikes up making you feel even hungrier and prone to overeating at meals. Also you’d be prone to snacking in between times and grazing as you metabolism ramps back up.

A better option is to eat at 8am, have a small meal at 12pm and 4pm, and then eat a main meal at 7-8pm. This keeps your metabolism stable, reducing the urge to snack. You can figure out your own pattern that syncs up best with you day, just follow the 2-4 hour rule and remember that you shouldn’t be eating more in total, just more often during the day.


2) Eat complete, lean protein at each meal.

Good sources of protein include red meat, poultry, salmon, eggs, low fat plain yogurt, mixed beans and supplemental powders and shakes. Some experts claim that additional protien is harmful or unnecessary, but more modern and contemporary research is clear: a high protien diet is safe, an almost essential if you lead an active lifestyle. It helps with recovery and stimulation of metabolism.


3) Eat vegetables at every meal.

Vegetable help do two major things, they help to provide vitamins and minerals and also help to provide the blood with an alkaline load. Grains and proteins provide the blood with an acid load and if blood is too acidic it can lead to degradation of bone strength and muscle mass.

So with the first 3 rules in mind, carrot sticks wrapped in ham, or celery dipped in low fat peanut butter make excellent snacks to top you up at one of your meal timings.


4) For fat loss, eat carbohydrates other than fruits and vegetables only after exercise.

This encourages your body to use it’s body fat stores for your day to day needs, conserving carbohydrates for recovery and post workout nutrition. By other carbohydrates, im talking about foods like pasta, rice, bread and starchy vegetables like potatoes.


5) Eat healthy fats daily

These include monounsaturated fats (found in extra-virgin olive oil, some nuts and avocado) and polyunsaturated fats (found in some nuts, some vegetable oils and fish oil supplements)


There you are, five basic guidelines to help you get started on the road to better nutrition!

10 Top Running Tips to train for a 10k

Have you booked in for the Norwich 10k in August?
Here are top tips from Ross Lenton to help you on your way....


1.    Breathing

The human body is amazing, and your aerobic energy system will keep supplying oxygen to your muscles. My top tip to my clients is to focus on exhaling – the more air you get out of your lungs, the more air you will get in.

2.    Running environment

There are so amazing places to run in Norfolk. If you're looking for somewhere flat then Marriott’s way is a fantastic and quiet place to run, and for somewhere beautiful in the City try Whitlingham Lake in Trowse. For hill efforts then Gas Hill is a serious challenge!

3.    Run with others

To help with commitment then get a friend to go out running with you, or join a running club. Dynamic Fitness is starting a new Running Club at Redwell Brewing on 2nd May, you can book a space here:

4.     Feet

Listen to your feet. Keep them light and don't land too heavy.  Whether you are a heel or a mid-foot striker make sure you land underneath a flexed knee so you are not over-striding.

5.    Knees

Lift your knees, especially on the hills to keep a good posture. This is harder when you get tired so that is great time to focus on your knee lift.

6.    Heels

Flick your heels towards your backside. This will to give you that extra power. You can especially see the benefits with this when running downhill; it really gets the hill doing the work for you!

7.    Arms

It’s almost impossible to move your arms at a different speed to your legs, so if you find your legs are slowing down then use your arms to maintain your cadence – when your legs are tired your arms can be your secret weapon!

8.    Core

Keep your core tight when you are running to maintain good posture. Planks are a great way to strengthen your core, which will also protect your lower back from the impact of the running miles.

9.    Forward Lean

Have a very slight forward lean forward (from the hip not the shoulders). This will really help keep your momentum going.

10. Smile

Remember that running is a gift.  Smile and enjoy it :)

Michael's Tough Mudder Training (wk 3 & 4)

Training for Tough Mudder, weeks 3-4.

If you missed week one and 2 you can check them out at:

Week 3 is a low intensity week, coming in after the heavier week two workouts and alongside weeks 3 & 4’s higher intensity endurance work; this keeps the pace from being too overwhelming early on. Week four picks up the intensity again and carries on the strength building buy increasing the amount of working sets.

Looking more specifically at exercise selection, I chose the front squat as one of primary moves for the lower body for a very important reason. Jumping power and carrying strength:



Take a look at the picture there and note the guys closest to us, now look at the leg position on a front squat:



If you are on the bottom of the stack, you’re not just going to be able to shoulder press your buddy up. You’ll need some leg power to hold up the weight and drive them upwards; a solid front squat position sets you up to be the ultimate springboard for your teammates. Coupled with some jumping power to get you up there as well and you are you’ve got it made. Then it’s your buddies turn to be the spring board on the next wall so your legs can recover a bit

Endurance wise, we drop down a circuit, but also lose a rest period. On top of that each exercise now lasts 7 minutes, but you only do 5 exercises a circuit instead of 6 (alternating an additional sprint or high row between circuits 1 & 2). This is to maintain the hour and a half training slot.

This is a big jump for endurance and no means an easy task, particularly with the lunges. But lunges are massively important in a tough Mudder set up as, unsurprisingly, you’ll wade through a lot of thick mud and the ability to fully drive your legs without burn out is massive.

Want to read more? Get the full workout list and a lot more in depth detail on Mikes own blog!

Find the full article at, which include run times and the endurance workout to prepare for tough mudder!

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Michael's Tough Mudder Training (wk 1 & 2)

Training for Tough Mudder, weeks 1-2.

I did my first Tough Mudder last year and within an hour of finishing it, I’d booked my second. It’s a tough physical and mental challenge but has incredibly social feel to it, from the festival like stalls out front to the team spirit cemented through the race.

But it does require a bit of preparation; you can’t just turn up and ease your way though a half marathon length obstacle course. So over the next 16 weeks I’m going to go through my training for Tough Mudder and the specialisation I go through to be race ready.

So I keep myself in good general fitness, but 16 weeks out is when I begin to train specifically for the race, preparing directly for the challenges of the race.


My workout is split into two strength workouts, two endurance workouts and one long run with my week looking like this:

Mon - Sun: Strength, Endurance, REST, Strength, Endurance, REST, Long Run

So let’s look into the strength training:

Week 1 & 2

Primary - Front Squat, Pull ups, Shoulder Press

Accessory - DB Bench Press, Back Row, Knee Raises

The workout is split into 3 primary movements and 3 accessory movements, the Primary movements are exercises that relate directly to the obstacles that you would face. I’ll go into my choices in more detail in later articles.

Accessory exercises help balance out the workout, and provide extra training to muscle groups that would support your primary movements.

As a rule, I always do 5 sets of a primary exercise and at this point you should always feel like you should be able to do 1 to 2 more reps at the end of a set. This will change as we go though the season, working towards peak strength.

Want to read more? 

Find the full article at, which include run times and the endurance workout to prepare for tough mudder!

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WIN the "FIGHT" with Kyle Ward

Do you want to win the 'FIGHT' against FAT & STRESS?

Dynamic Fitness's very own Kyle Ward has the solution and the winning mentality to help you win the "Fight" against Fat (read more below....)


Kyle has over 20 Years of Combat experience and has won numerous trophies locally, nationally and internationally. 

"I have Kicked and Punched my way into helping clients achieve their Fitness Goals by using a variety of combat exercises that I have used myself when I was competing. I have also found this has helped my clients achieve great Physical and Mental Fitness Levels too."

"Combat has helped me in so many ways both mentally and physically, when I first started I had a lot of built up energy, some days I had a lot of built up stress too, so I joined a club and learnt the art of Combat. Over the years I have watched and learnt how my body reacts to many different scenarios from weight loss, weight gain, FAT LOSS and having a lean and toned body."

"My Stress levels have changed dramatically from just punching and kicking pads,  and I have learnt how to channel the stress safely and effectively. I would love to pass on my knowledge and levels of wisdom to help you achieve your goals and for you to have less 'STRESS' or become 'STRESS FREE'."

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