10 Top Running Tips to train for a 10k

Have you booked in for the Norwich 10k in August?
Here are top tips from Ross Lenton to help you on your way....


1.    Breathing

The human body is amazing, and your aerobic energy system will keep supplying oxygen to your muscles. My top tip to my clients is to focus on exhaling – the more air you get out of your lungs, the more air you will get in.

2.    Running environment

There are so amazing places to run in Norfolk. If you're looking for somewhere flat then Marriott’s way is a fantastic and quiet place to run, and for somewhere beautiful in the City try Whitlingham Lake in Trowse. For hill efforts then Gas Hill is a serious challenge!

3.    Run with others

To help with commitment then get a friend to go out running with you, or join a running club. Dynamic Fitness is starting a new Running Club at Redwell Brewing on 2nd May, you can book a space here:

4.     Feet

Listen to your feet. Keep them light and don't land too heavy.  Whether you are a heel or a mid-foot striker make sure you land underneath a flexed knee so you are not over-striding.

5.    Knees

Lift your knees, especially on the hills to keep a good posture. This is harder when you get tired so that is great time to focus on your knee lift.

6.    Heels

Flick your heels towards your backside. This will to give you that extra power. You can especially see the benefits with this when running downhill; it really gets the hill doing the work for you!

7.    Arms

It’s almost impossible to move your arms at a different speed to your legs, so if you find your legs are slowing down then use your arms to maintain your cadence – when your legs are tired your arms can be your secret weapon!

8.    Core

Keep your core tight when you are running to maintain good posture. Planks are a great way to strengthen your core, which will also protect your lower back from the impact of the running miles.

9.    Forward Lean

Have a very slight forward lean forward (from the hip not the shoulders). This will really help keep your momentum going.

10. Smile

Remember that running is a gift.  Smile and enjoy it :)

Changing my Running Style by Ross Lenton (Part 2)

I have now been back 5 weeks from my amazing Wedding and Honeymoon, and I've been back on the mission to change my Running Style. 


One thing is clear: 4 weeks of paradise definitely makes you slower... For the first time I was running Parkrun in over 20 mins (20:20) and it's taken me a few weeks to get it back under (last week was 19:40). 

Using my new Newton running shoes I decided to structure in some forefoot running. I started running my 5k's with running the last 1k on my forefoot. It felt faster and easier! 

I'm lucky enough to train lots of amazing clients everyday so I started running on the forefoot with them too. One thing was clear, I had to be careful not to do too much like that, as my calves and achilles were getting tender. It's all about changing gradually. 

Last week I did the last 2k of the parkrun on my forefoot. For the first time my last 2kms were as fast as my first 2kms! 

So it looks good but the proof if this works better for me will be whether I can get to my parkrun PB - 19:05. I'll keep you all updated :) 

Interview with Runner Daniel Middleton

Today Ross caught up with Parkrun winner Daniel Middleton (35 yrs old) and asked him a few questions at the end, to find out the secret to his super speedy running...


Did you win the race today and what was your time?

  • Yes, in 17 mins exactly

How many runs do you do a week? 

  • 5, consistently 

I always advise people training for a race that they do at least 3 varied runs per week, including a long one if they are training for distance, would you agree?

  • Yes, I always do 2 easier runs for recovery and 3 harder runs which include various harder efforts

What is your favourite set?

  • 2-4-2 (2 miles easy, 4 miles hard, 2 miles easy)

At Dynamic Fitness we do a lot of strength work with our clients, do you do strength exercises to improve for your running?

  • Yes, every week. A mixture of Squats, Lunges, Clams - all bodyweight exercises to increase my leg strength and help prevent injuries

What is your 5k Parkrun PB?

  • 16:24

Do you have a goal to still improve this?

  • I would love to get under 16 mins but I know that would take a 5 month block of training to do so and at the moment I am training for distance

What is your next race then?

  • The Peterborough Half next weekend; my aim is to get under 1:15:00 to get my qualifying time for the London Marathon next year

Finally, what about nutrition?

  • It’s the same before every race - a glass of water, a banana and some cereal. I just vary the amount depending on the distance. If I am doing a marathon I even treat myself to a Mars Bar at the start line - it seems to work for me!

If you are looking at improving your running speed then come along to Ross' Running Club on Tuesday nights - meeting at 6pm at Dynamic Fitness

Click here to book: http://www.getdynamic.co.uk/classes/

Changing Running Style by Ross Lenton (Part 1)

Hello and welcome to a blog I am doing about changing my running style.

To give you a bit of background...

Last year I completed IRONMAN Canada and it was a great achievement of discipline, determination and cardio fitness. Obviously the training hours for this were huge, so this year I decided I am going to focus on improving my 5k time instead. 

I thought for a while about how I would improve and I guess I put it down to 3 main areas:

1) Increase Frequency

2) Increase Intensity 

3) Improve Technique

As I don't have the time this year (I am getting married!) and I like doing too many other activities other than running (swimming, cycling, Korfball) I don't want to increase the frequency.

For those of you that know me know that whenever I train, I train hard!, so I don't think I have a problem with the intensity.

So then it comes down to Technique.....


Day 1

I did my usual 5k run on the treadmill but I tried out the forefoot running.

The 5k was done as; 5 x 500m my usual style, and 5 x 500m striking further forwards.
I have to say the 500m's running further forward felt more powerful and more efficient! It was however uncomfortable on my feet and now I have the start of a blister, and tight calves.

So the next step is finding some running shoes to help. Luckily I know some good people in the business...

The Steeplechase 2016

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