Ross' IRONMAN Canada blog - Pre Race


The adventure started at 6am in Norwich on Thurs 21st July, where my bike was expertly packed into the bike bag for the flight - thank you to Andy Blackwell! The bike was then loaded onto the plane at Gatwick - easy as pie so far.

On the flight I went through my race day plan. It was great to have some focused time to break down each part of the race and decide about the pace I wanted to race the swim, bike and run. I also used this time to plan my nutrition - such an important part to the success of a good race.

It was really helpful reading James Walsgrove's ebook, 4 Hours Faster, to get some good tips for the race too! 

Arrival and Athlete check in - day 1

After a cracking first night in Vancouver with my brother, Mitch, I was on the bus to Whistler the next morning. What a beautiful drive! Arriving in Whistler was stunning, and there were signs everywhere displaying 'IRONMAN Canada'. This just got real!

Whistler Olympic Square was the venue where all the action was happening and it is also where the finish line is. Check-in was easy and I decided to get a visor for what is going to be a potentially hot and sunny run on Sunday. 

The athlete briefing was very good too, with some inspiring speakers giving everyone confidence for the race. Phrases such as: 'don't give up', 'just keep moving forwards', 'remember your training', 'anything is possible'..

Bike and Run Prep - day 2

After a great night's sleep I woke up early (in prep for the early start tomorrow) and had the same breakfast as I will have on race day - muesli, banana, energy bar, coffee, electrolyte drink.

I then put my run stuff in Transition 2 and got the shuttle bus to drop off my bike at Transition 1.


So all the preparations are done and now all I need to do is relax (I have a free Spa pass for the Whistler Scandinavian Spa!) and have a good high carb dinner this evening.

I am really looking forward to my biggest challenge so far! The race starts at 6:50am local time and 2:50pm (BST). If you want to follow me then you can do so on this link: I am race number 838.

Almost time to smash it!