Injuries - turning negative into positive

At Dynamic Fitness we deal with lots of injuries in the Studio. One thing we always say is 'there are always some other muscle groups you can work'.  Our trainers  find them, and make sure our clients always have a safe and effective session. 

A couple of weeks ago Ross sprained his ankle at a Korfball Tournament. Nothing serious but it has meant no running for a couple of weeks, together with some icing and elevating to speed up the recovery. 

So how do you turn this into a positive?? 

Quite simply, find something else you enjoy and use the opportunity to train different muscles....

Last week, Ross swam the most he has ever swam in a week and is now seeing improvements in the water. Some gentle kicking has even helped the ankle!

So if you have a niggle, remember there is always something you can do, and If you need any advice just contact us at Dynamic Fitness and we'll make sure we keep you on track :) 

LENT Challenge 2017

Wednesday 1st March - Thursday 13th April

Are you looking for a kick start with your fitness or your fat loss goals??

If so, why not Join Team Dynamic Fitness for our Lent Challenge this year....

The Challenge

Decide on something to give up, or do something positive, for 40 days (yes it's a big commitment!).

If you would like to give something up, the most common things we have had over the years is 'no chocolate' or 'no bread'. People that have completed these challenges have seen some great Fatloss results.

If you would like to do something positive, then you can choose something to do everyday. Good examples may be 10 press ups or sit ups a day. Ross is doing 20 pull ups everyday. 

We are also raising money for the Big C and have an honesty box in the Dynamic studio for any missed days...

If you would like to join in please e-mail:

Changing Running Style (by Ross Lenton)

Hello and welcome to a blog I am doing about changing my running style.

To give you a bit of background...

Last year I completed IRONMAN Canada and it was a great achievement of discipline, determination and cardio fitness. Obviously the training hours for this were huge, so this year I decided I am going to focus on improving my 5k time instead. 

I thought for a while about how I would improve and I guess I put it down to 3 main areas:

1) Increase Frequency

2) Increase Intensity 

3) Improve Technique

As I don't have the time this year (I am getting married!) and I like doing too many other activities other than running (swimming, cycling, Korfball) I don't want to increase the frequency.

For those of you that know me know that whenever I train, I train hard!, so I don't think I have a problem with the intensity.

So then it comes down to Technique.....


Day 1

I did my usual 5k run on the treadmill but I tried out the forefoot running.

The 5k was done as; 5 x 500m my usual style, and 5 x 500m striking further forwards.
I have to say the 500m's running further forward felt more powerful and more efficient! It was however uncomfortable on my feet and now I have the start of a blister, and tight calves.

So the next step is finding some running shoes to help. Luckily I know some good people in the business...

Valentine's PT Offer

2 to 1 Personal Training for February

Looking for a way to do some Fitness with your loved one?
Want a great Personal Training service at a reduced rate?

For any couple's signing up for 2 to 1 Personal Training in Feb we are doing sessions for £40 (£20 per person, normally £38)

Book your consultation here:

YOGA with Rachel - Monday's 7:30pm

We are pleased to announce that we have Yoga back on the Timetable at Dynamic Fitness. 

The class is run by Rachel Cross, founder of My calm in the City:

Rachel, is doing a taster session on Mon 20th Feb at 7:30pm. 
Spaces are limited to 10, so please contact Rachel directly ASAP to book in: 
Tel: 07793 279567

Cost - £7 (1h 15 mins)*
*Dynamic Clients £6

"Hatha Yoga Classes to build strength and flexibilty, with a focus on breathing and relaxation. A great complement to your existing fitness plan. Classes emphasise the correct use of the breath to co-ordinate with movement, we begin with gentle warm ups to prepare for transitioning into a series of held postures which build your strength and flexibility. To round off the class, we spend 10-15mins in a guided relaxation to consolidate the work of the previous hour."

Friday Mocktail - (week 2 & Competition)

Mocktail of the week

Last week we gave you the 'Dynamic Fizzness' - a glorified Lime and Soda, that is a great alternative for Alcohol at the pub or at home. It is also very low sugar (carb)

This week we are going a bit more fruity, so there is some sugar but it is all natural (from the fruit). Behold the Mango Lassi!...


1. Blend one Mango with Ice and two tbsp of Greek Yogurt
2. Top with crushed Pistachios and Desiccated Coconut
3. Serve in a tall glass and long straw for mixing
4. Yum!

Competition time...

This Dry January our chosen charity, the Matthew project, are challenging everyone to come up with a Norfolk-themed mocktail.

Whether it uses local ingredients or honours a local person, as long as your mocktail idea has a Norfolk connection you're in with a chance of winning a £50 voucher for Dynamic Fitness!

To enter, please send your recipe along with a photo of the mocktail to  or tweet us @matthewproject using the hashtag #norfolkmocktail or post it on our Facebook Page Facebook/matthewprojectcharity

Need inspiration? Check out these recipes from some local celebs!: http://Norwich!:

Friday Mocktail (week 1)

The Dynamic Fizzness from Ross Lenton at Dynamic Fitness

"Some mocktails are full of sugar - which isn't helpful when you're trying to detox. So this one is very low in sugar and carbohydrates. It's genuinely refreshing and rehydrating!'' says Ross.

It is quite simply:

- Juice of 1 lime

- Cucumber - thinly sliced (and spiralled for garnish)

- Soda Water

Served in a Balloon glas