Michael's Tough Mudder Training (wk 1 & 2)

Training for Tough Mudder, weeks 1-2.

I did my first Tough Mudder last year and within an hour of finishing it, I’d booked my second. It’s a tough physical and mental challenge but has incredibly social feel to it, from the festival like stalls out front to the team spirit cemented through the race.

But it does require a bit of preparation; you can’t just turn up and ease your way though a half marathon length obstacle course. So over the next 16 weeks I’m going to go through my training for Tough Mudder and the specialisation I go through to be race ready.

So I keep myself in good general fitness, but 16 weeks out is when I begin to train specifically for the race, preparing directly for the challenges of the race.


My workout is split into two strength workouts, two endurance workouts and one long run with my week looking like this:

Mon - Sun: Strength, Endurance, REST, Strength, Endurance, REST, Long Run

So let’s look into the strength training:

Week 1 & 2

Primary - Front Squat, Pull ups, Shoulder Press

Accessory - DB Bench Press, Back Row, Knee Raises

The workout is split into 3 primary movements and 3 accessory movements, the Primary movements are exercises that relate directly to the obstacles that you would face. I’ll go into my choices in more detail in later articles.

Accessory exercises help balance out the workout, and provide extra training to muscle groups that would support your primary movements.

As a rule, I always do 5 sets of a primary exercise and at this point you should always feel like you should be able to do 1 to 2 more reps at the end of a set. This will change as we go though the season, working towards peak strength.

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Find the full article at www.getfitptblog.wordpress.com, which include run times and the endurance workout to prepare for tough mudder!

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WIN the "FIGHT" with Kyle Ward

Do you want to win the 'FIGHT' against FAT & STRESS?

Dynamic Fitness's very own Kyle Ward has the solution and the winning mentality to help you win the "Fight" against Fat (read more below....)


Kyle has over 20 Years of Combat experience and has won numerous trophies locally, nationally and internationally. 

"I have Kicked and Punched my way into helping clients achieve their Fitness Goals by using a variety of combat exercises that I have used myself when I was competing. I have also found this has helped my clients achieve great Physical and Mental Fitness Levels too."

"Combat has helped me in so many ways both mentally and physically, when I first started I had a lot of built up energy, some days I had a lot of built up stress too, so I joined a club and learnt the art of Combat. Over the years I have watched and learnt how my body reacts to many different scenarios from weight loss, weight gain, FAT LOSS and having a lean and toned body."

"My Stress levels have changed dramatically from just punching and kicking pads,  and I have learnt how to channel the stress safely and effectively. I would love to pass on my knowledge and levels of wisdom to help you achieve your goals and for you to have less 'STRESS' or become 'STRESS FREE'."

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LENT Challenge 2017

Wednesday 1st March - Thursday 13th April

Are you looking for a kick start with your fitness or your fat loss goals??

If so, why not Join Team Dynamic Fitness for our Lent Challenge this year....

The Challenge

Decide on something to give up, or do something positive, for 40 days (yes it's a big commitment!).

If you would like to give something up, the most common things we have had over the years is 'no chocolate' or 'no bread'. People that have completed these challenges have seen some great Fatloss results.

If you would like to do something positive, then you can choose something to do everyday. Good examples may be 10 press ups or sit ups a day. Ross is doing 20 pull ups everyday. 

We are also raising money for the Big C and have an honesty box in the Dynamic studio for any missed days...

If you would like to join in please e-mail: ross@getdynamic.co.uk

Changing Running Style by Ross Lenton (Part 1)

Hello and welcome to a blog I am doing about changing my running style.

To give you a bit of background...

Last year I completed IRONMAN Canada and it was a great achievement of discipline, determination and cardio fitness. Obviously the training hours for this were huge, so this year I decided I am going to focus on improving my 5k time instead. 

I thought for a while about how I would improve and I guess I put it down to 3 main areas:

1) Increase Frequency

2) Increase Intensity 

3) Improve Technique

As I don't have the time this year (I am getting married!) and I like doing too many other activities other than running (swimming, cycling, Korfball) I don't want to increase the frequency.

For those of you that know me know that whenever I train, I train hard!, so I don't think I have a problem with the intensity.

So then it comes down to Technique.....


Day 1

I did my usual 5k run on the treadmill but I tried out the forefoot running.

The 5k was done as; 5 x 500m my usual style, and 5 x 500m striking further forwards.
I have to say the 500m's running further forward felt more powerful and more efficient! It was however uncomfortable on my feet and now I have the start of a blister, and tight calves.

So the next step is finding some running shoes to help. Luckily I know some good people in the business...

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Dynamic Summer League 2016 (Results)

Well done to everyone taking part in this year's Dynamic Summer League. We had some great results again this year!

Men's competition

John Dye led the way in the Bench Press challenge this year. John has shown fantastic focus and determination every week on this exercise and is looking really strong in the chest and arms.

One of our returning clients, Bobby Burrage, has been firing on all cylinders and it was great to see Bobby fly up Horns Lane for our fastest single time. Great sprinting Bobby!

Last year's Plank challenge winner, Robert Pyke, took the Clean/Burpee/Row challenge in the quickest time for the final challenge on week 6. 

A special mention as well goes to Nick Norman and Paul Barrett for completing each week and giving it a good shot every time!

However, it was Will Howell who dominated the men's league overall, winning 4 of the 6 challenges. Will retains the title for the 2nd year in a Row! Great work!! 

Top 5 Males (17 entrants)

Will Howell

Bobby Burrage

Paul Barrett

Nick Norman

John Dye


Female's Challenge

It is great to have some challenges when the ladies can beat the men!, and Paula McGrath showed how her Ultra Marathon training has given her some super strong legs! Paula got the top score overall with 82 Barbell Squats in 2 mins!

It was great to see lots of ladies giving the challenges a go for the first time, including new client Anna Catlin with an amazing score on the final challenge on week 6 :) 

A special mention goes to Alison Middleton for her determination to finish the challenge each week, whatever it took!

Late entry, Olivia Findlay, was back from Uni for the summer and looked like a very strong candidate for the title. Amazing speed up Horns Lane Olivia!

In the end the the race for the ladies title went all the way....

On week 4, Katrina Speirs (last year's winner) and Jane Blackwell were on equal points! So, it was down to the last 2 weeks so see who would take it. Katrina posted some solid times up Horns Lane to pip Jane on week 5, but Jane came back even stronger on week 6 posting the best time overall (including the men!) on the final challenge. 

The title is therefore shared this year - both female athletes will keep the Trophy for 6 months each :)

Top 5 Females (18 entrants)

Katrina Speirs / Jane Blackwell 

Olivia Findlay

Paula McGrath 

Alison Middleton

All results have been posted on the Hall of Fame: http://www.getdynamic.co.uk/hall-of-fame/. The Hall of Fame goes until the end of the year, so plenty of time to try any of the challenges....