Dynamic Summer League 2016 (Results)

Well done to everyone taking part in this year's Dynamic Summer League. We had some great results again this year!

Men's competition

John Dye led the way in the Bench Press challenge this year. John has shown fantastic focus and determination every week on this exercise and is looking really strong in the chest and arms.

One of our returning clients, Bobby Burrage, has been firing on all cylinders and it was great to see Bobby fly up Horns Lane for our fastest single time. Great sprinting Bobby!

Last year's Plank challenge winner, Robert Pyke, took the Clean/Burpee/Row challenge in the quickest time for the final challenge on week 6. 

A special mention as well goes to Nick Norman and Paul Barrett for completing each week and giving it a good shot every time!

However, it was Will Howell who dominated the men's league overall, winning 4 of the 6 challenges. Will retains the title for the 2nd year in a Row! Great work!! 

Top 5 Males (17 entrants)

Will Howell

Bobby Burrage

Paul Barrett

Nick Norman

John Dye


Female's Challenge

It is great to have some challenges when the ladies can beat the men!, and Paula McGrath showed how her Ultra Marathon training has given her some super strong legs! Paula got the top score overall with 82 Barbell Squats in 2 mins!

It was great to see lots of ladies giving the challenges a go for the first time, including new client Anna Catlin with an amazing score on the final challenge on week 6 :) 

A special mention goes to Alison Middleton for her determination to finish the challenge each week, whatever it took!

Late entry, Olivia Findlay, was back from Uni for the summer and looked like a very strong candidate for the title. Amazing speed up Horns Lane Olivia!

In the end the the race for the ladies title went all the way....

On week 4, Katrina Speirs (last year's winner) and Jane Blackwell were on equal points! So, it was down to the last 2 weeks so see who would take it. Katrina posted some solid times up Horns Lane to pip Jane on week 5, but Jane came back even stronger on week 6 posting the best time overall (including the men!) on the final challenge. 

The title is therefore shared this year - both female athletes will keep the Trophy for 6 months each :)

Top 5 Females (18 entrants)

Katrina Speirs / Jane Blackwell 

Olivia Findlay

Paula McGrath 

Alison Middleton

All results have been posted on the Hall of Fame: http://www.getdynamic.co.uk/hall-of-fame/. The Hall of Fame goes until the end of the year, so plenty of time to try any of the challenges....