Interview with Runner Daniel Middleton

Today Ross caught up with Parkrun winner Daniel Middleton (35 yrs old) and asked him a few questions at the end, to find out the secret to his super speedy running...


Did you win the race today and what was your time?

  • Yes, in 17 mins exactly

How many runs do you do a week? 

  • 5, consistently 

I always advise people training for a race that they do at least 3 varied runs per week, including a long one if they are training for distance, would you agree?

  • Yes, I always do 2 easier runs for recovery and 3 harder runs which include various harder efforts

What is your favourite set?

  • 2-4-2 (2 miles easy, 4 miles hard, 2 miles easy)

At Dynamic Fitness we do a lot of strength work with our clients, do you do strength exercises to improve for your running?

  • Yes, every week. A mixture of Squats, Lunges, Clams - all bodyweight exercises to increase my leg strength and help prevent injuries

What is your 5k Parkrun PB?

  • 16:24

Do you have a goal to still improve this?

  • I would love to get under 16 mins but I know that would take a 5 month block of training to do so and at the moment I am training for distance

What is your next race then?

  • The Peterborough Half next weekend; my aim is to get under 1:15:00 to get my qualifying time for the London Marathon next year

Finally, what about nutrition?

  • It’s the same before every race - a glass of water, a banana and some cereal. I just vary the amount depending on the distance. If I am doing a marathon I even treat myself to a Mars Bar at the start line - it seems to work for me!

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