Join Team Dynamic for Dry January

Your Dynamic Incentives...

1) New Fitness Classes to avoid going to the Pub!
- Friday 5:30pm (Cardio Kombat)
- Saturday 10am (HIIT)

Please book in here:
We are donating 10% off all classes to our Dry January charities.

2) Honesty Box
- There is a fundraising box at the studio so if you do fall off the wagon you can make a small donation and then get back on track.

3) Mocktail of the week!
- Each week we will be sending you a great Mocktail recipe to try!

4) FREE Talk on Carbs
- If you are doing Dry January to loose weight then how about joining out FREE talk on Carbs?
- The date is Tues 3rd Jan @ 7:30pm and you can register via our Facebook event:

5) #LowCarbMonday
- Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for our Low Carb Monday ideas...

6) The 'Dry Run' on Tues 31st Jan @ 7:30pm
- This is a FREE run for anyone that completes Dry January.
- All ages and abilities welcome, e-mail Ross to register (

How do I sign up?

Just e-mail Ross (

And don't forget to make a donation to our fantastic cause: http://Here is our Fundraising page for any generous donations